Communications Mastery



This online module will introduce the behaviours and approaches used to develop an effective Success and Development plan through great conversations.

  • What: Online Module

  • Duration: 30 minutes

We know you know how to have a conversation and that your communication skills are probably already pretty fantastic! That said, one of the most common requests we receive is to provide tools and support with handling harder conversations. A hard conversation can be anything from:

  • Discussing development opportunities and career progression.

  • Managing performance.

  • Expressing appreciation, frustration, gratitude, and other emotions or feelings.

  • Checking-in on the wellbeing and mental health of someone.

  • Expressing positivity such as appreciation, gratitude, praise and recognition.

  • Sharing the impact someone’s behaviour has had on you, another person, a project, or an outcome.

In this online learning resource, we’ll help build your confidence in having those conversations that might make you... well, uncomfortable. 

  • What: Online Learning

  • Time: 15 mins

Investing time in supporting the success and development of our people is the core responsibility of all of our leaders, and having success and development (S&D) conversations with our people to agree on a plan for the next 12 months is potentially one of the greatest predictors of workplace engagement and satisfaction. 

Success and Development Conversations is a 4-hour, face-to-face workshop which is designed for our leaders to understand and practice key skills in supporting our people to set development goals. Some of the information we will cover: 

  • Understand the core principals and practice the fundamental skills of coaching and how these contribute to an effective success and development conversation.
  • Apply the ‘3 Whats’ coaching model to having an effective success and development conversation.
  • Explore different types of development conversations we have with individuals at different stages of their career and development

Dates: 16 June 1-5pm, 11 Aug 1-5pm and 20 Oct 8-12am

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Having Harder Conversations the Right Way

Professional Development Hours: 4

Delivery: Face-to-Face Course

Open to: CDHB, WCDHB staff and the wider Canterbury or West Coast health system

2020 Dates: 4 February, 9 April and 17 June, 8:30AM-12:30PM

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