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Health Essentials for Leadership and Management HELM

The DHB's Leadership Series is a great place to start for anyone whether they're new to their role, or are looking for ways to refresh their long-standing leadership role. In this instalment, the ART of Leadership is explored in different contexts, and we recommend completing 'How We Lead Around Here' before carrying on, because trust us, it'll help! 

  • What: Online Learning

  • Time: 15 mins

This short module serves as an introduction to not only what leadership looks like in Health, but also what it looks like in everyday life beyond that. You may be new to your role, or looking for ways to refresh your long-standing leadership role, and so this module is built with all levels of experience in mind. 

  • What: Online Learning

  • Time: 10 mins

Ever wondered how your values, personality, and attitude influence your day-to-day behaviour? Leadership Essentials is an opportunity to identify your strengths as a leader, work out how your values and personality determine your behaviour, consider a range of different leadership styles, and learn more about best practice for effective leadership. 

Professional Development Hours: 10

Delivery: Face-to-Face Course

Open to: CDHB, WCDHB staff and the wider Canterbury or West Coast health system

2020 Dates: 19th Feb & 18th Mar;  1st April & 29th April; 9th June & 7th July; 2nd Sept & 30 Sept; 1st Oct & 20th Oct

Duration: Part 1 is a 4 hr workshop and Part 2 is a 2 hr small group session

To enrol: Click on the course title above to take you to the enrolment page.  (You'll need a healthLearn account to enrol in a course - there is information on the front page of healthLearn if you've not enrolled before.)

Enquiries to: Jacqui.Benter-lynch@cdhb.health.nz