Logging in difficulties

Firstly, to access healthLearn you need a healthLearn Account.

Click the button on the front page to create your own account. You must have an Employee number and Organisational work email address, as personal email addresses will not be accepted. Staff from most Canterbury and West Coast Organisations can create their own account.

If you work for one of Canterbury Partnership Group Organisations who do not have an organisational email address, you need to contact your own Educator directly. They will collate the required information and then arrange to have your account created. You will recieve email notification from them when your account has been created. 


Check to make sure that you are using your healthLearn account to sign in and not your organisational login information.

With most organisations, healthLearn is a totally seperate system, and has a seperate username and password. If you change your password in your organisational computer network, it will not change or update your healthLearn account


Check your keyboard

Make sure you do not have your Caps Lock turned on



Still having problems? Contact the helpdesk staff using the contact information in the Help Desk Section

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