Course - Enrol into a Course

Find courses from our learning suite

After you have logged into healthLearn click on the Find Courses link to see all the available courses, which are arraged in directories.

Select the course that you wish to enrol into.

There are usually four settings.

  1. Self enrolment. This is the most common method. The course may let you self enrol and all you need to do is click on the course name to enter the course and enrol. PLEASE NOTE – once you have clicked on the course name you will also be prompted to confirm your enrolment. If you cannot see the confirmation button – you may need to scroll down the page slightly. This is to ensure that people do not accidently enrol in courses that they do not intend to complete.
  2. You need a course enrolment key. If you have not been issued an enrolment key code - click on the course tutors name to contact them and request a key code.
  3. No enrolment key, and cannot self enrol. These courses require manual enrolment. Click on the course tutors name to contact them and request to be enrolled into the course.
  4. Guest Access. This is a free access open to all people option. There may be some limits to what you can do within the course however.

If you enrol into a course, it is expected that you will complete the course requirements. If you enrol and decide to not complete the course, you are able to un-enrol from the course yourself.

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