Manager - Taking Leave

If as a Manager you are planning leave - or know that you will not be able to action and approve any course requests, you need to do the following

Request that your staff add a Temporary Manager

In the staff members Job Assignment information which is located in the  'My Details' block/box, there is the ability for a staff member to add a temporary manager.

They should select the name of the manager - and how long you will be away for.

When a temporary manager is selected - you will receive a notification message letting you know that one of your staff have selected a temporary manager, and who that manager is.

In an emergency - if you are away, the staff member can contact the course tutor - or facilitator asking them to approve your staff member on your behalf. Please look at the course details carefully to identify who is the most suitable person to contact for your organisation, as some courses have more than one tutor - who belong to different organisations.

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