Courses - Repeating

There are some courses in healthLearn which can be repeated. Below is a list of these courses - and the timeframes that they can be completed.

There are two ways a course can be repeated. 

  1. Certification - The course does not change, however your results from a previous attempt are cleared at a set timeframe, which then allows you to access the course and complete it again. Records of each certification are displayed in your Record of Learning (Certifications)
  2. Repeating Course - The course is set to duplicate itself at a set time period. The course copies itself automatically, and then archives the old course. This means that it is a new course and will be recorded as another course in your record of learning. You will not be able to access the old course however once the course is duplicated.



5 Moments of Hand Hygiene - RGIC001 Yearly

Acute Stroke Swallow Screen - CAMS001 Yearly

Central Venous Access Device Implanted Endorsement (Level 2 IV) 3 Yearly

Central Venous Access Device Non-Implanted Endorsement (Level 2 IV) 3 Yearly

Fire Training Southern DHB - SRHS001 (Southern DHB Only) Yearly

Health & Disability - Open Disclosure - RGPH001 (Southern DHB Only) 3 Yearly

CPR for Specialist Mental Health Services CAMH001 - Yearly

CPR New Zealand Resuscitation Council Level 400 - CAHS999 (Canterbury DHB Only) - Yearly

Resuscitation Theory (Basic) CANR004 - Yearly


If a course is required to be repeating, please email including authorisation from a director of Nursing/Midwifery/Medicine or equivalent.



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