Course Content Creation Toolkit

The content creation toolkit outlines how content is developed and maintained in the healthLearn LMS

What is a toolkit?

A toolkit (or style manual) is a formal set of standards used for the writing, structure and layout of courses and content on healthLearn.The purpose of this toolkit is to provide uniformity in layout and style in formatting a course. 

When constructing a course, or building content in healthLearn, it is important to ensure that your work aligns to the healthLearn style guide, so that users of your course can locate essential information easily, and that all areas of your course are familiar and easier to use.

The information is presented in three sections.

  1.  E-Learning approval process  (how to start the process to get your course online)
  2. Content Development (how to develop online learning)  
  3. Making it live (how to get course set up and live on a course/programme page)
  4. Face to face E Learning Approval 


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