Course Naming and Code Conventions

Courses have a strict naming convention

(Main topic) (Sub topic) (Other descriptor)

This means that a course would be named as follows

Blood Administration – An Introduction (instead of “an introduction to blood administration”)

Cannulation – Peripheral Insertion Workshop (instead of “workshop to insert a peripheral cannula”)


Course Codes

To assist with organising and searching for specific courses, we have adopted the following course code naming convention.

(Main Course Location – 2 letters) (Course primary sub-type – 2 letters) (Numerical Code – 3 numbers)


For the course called Mental Health Rapid Assessment Framework which is run in the West Coast

WC = West Coast, MH = Mental Health – WCMH101


Code Index



RG = Regional

CA = Canterbury

NM = Nelson Marlborough

SC = South Canterbury

SR = Southern

WC = West Coast


FM = Forum


Course Sub-type

Administration and Clerical = AD

Allied Health = AH

Anaesthetics =AN

Calderdale = CD

Cardiology = CR

Child Health = CH

Clinical Assessment = CL

Clinical Teaching = CT

Community = CM

Corporate = CO

Culture and Diversity = CD

Dental = DT

Emergency Care = EC

Forum = FM

General Practice = GP

Gastroenterology = GT

Health and Safety = HS

healthLearn Administration = HL

Infection Prevention and Control = IC

Information Technology = IT

Intravenous = IV

Leadership = LD

Management = MG

Maternity = MY

Medical and Surgical = MS

Medication = MC

Mental Health = MH

Multidisciplinary = MD

Neonatal = NN

Neurosciences = NS

Nursing Entry to Practice = NP

Non Regulated = NR

Older Persons Health = OP

Oncology and Haematology = OC

Orientation = OR

Perioperative = PO

Portfolios = PF

Public Health and Health Promotion = PH

Quality = QT

Radiology = RD

Renal and Urology

Resuscitation = RT

Sexual Health = SH

Standing Orders = SO

Support Staff and Services = SS

Surgery = SY

Webinars = WB

Wellbeing = WL

Women’s Health = WH


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