Educator Booking of face to face training

As an educator, you will have the ability to book staff in your area into face to face training - or cancel them from the session.

When booking staff into a face-to-face session please ensure that the staff member will be - or has completed any required learning or activities for the face to face session. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is done - as manually booking someone into a session overrides any blocks, or pre-course requirements to enroll into a face to face session, but these requirements may still need to be completed to attend the session. If the requirements are not completed - your staff member may be turned away and not be permitted to attend the session.

On your educator dashboard - there will be a Face to Face block. It includes;

  • Your bookings (your personal face to face bookings)
  • Upcoming Sessions (can be filtered by date)
  • All Future Sessions (a list of all sessions on the system
  1. To book one of the staff into a face to face session - go through the list of sessions until you find the correct course and session time
  2. Click on the session booking number (i.e. the column with Bookings in the top header - the number indicates how many are already booked into the session) this will take you directly into the session booking information
  3. At the bottom of the Attendees list is a drop down menu - click on this and select Add/Remove Attendees
  4. To add - on the right hand side - search for the staff member name, select the name in the displayed list and then click on the <| Add button to add them to the Attendees list
  5. To remove - on the left hand side - search for the staff members name and/or select from the displayed list on the LEFT and then click the |> Remove button to remove them from the Attendees list
  6. When you have finished, click SAVE   

Note: there are a couple of options -that can be selected which are as follows

  • Suppress the confirmation and calendar invite emails for newly added attendees and the cancellation emails for removed attendees 
  • Suppress notifications to manager about added and removed attendees 
  • Ignore manager approval when adding attendees

Please also be aware that healthlearn admin staff are able to audit who books staff into face to face sessions, so ensure that you only book appropriate staff from your area.

Click on the healthLearn logo at the top of the screen to return to your dashboard

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