Educator Viewing of Workshop Requests or Waitlisting

As an educator, you will have the ability to view requests and waitlists for a face-to-face education session - for your areas.

There are a few things to initially set this up. Please follow the instructions below.

The first step is to create a 'Job Assignment' for each of the workplaces that you cover. You need to link your profile to each workplace.

e.g. if you as an educator work for your Director of Nursing department - you will have already selected "Director of Nursing" as your main organisation - or workplace location. As an educator you could be supporting staff in the following clinical areas

      • Ward 1
      • Ward 2
      • Ward 3
      • Outpatients 4

To see the education requests - you will need to create a separate job assignment for each of the clinical areas. 

To do this

  1. Go to your profile - or the My Details Block/Box 
  2. Click 'create a new job assignment  - Ensure that you give the Job Assignment a relevant name i.e. Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Outpatients 4
  3. In this section - select one of the organisations in the areas that you cover. You will also have to enter a job assignment number (i.e. 2, 3 or 4). You do not need to add a Manager or Position. Save the job assignment
  4. Continue to create job assignments for each of the clinical areas that you are responsible for.
  5. If you move to a different location, or your clinical areas change, you can create - and delete Job Assignments which will remove the link to that clinical area.

Please note - only create job assignments for areas that you are responsible for. The healthLearn Administration team is able to Audit the areas that you have selected

A list of staff awaiting approval from Managers - or waitlisted in your selected areas will now be displayed in a block/box on your dashboard.

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