Course - Request a new course

If you are interested in developing a new course, you can submit an online request. 

  1. Application: Anyone wishing to produce new courses for healthLearn must complete the new course application form which will then be submitted to the healthLearn Operational Group. Enquiries on the application process can be made to
  2. Construction: Once a new course has been approved, a designated support person or lead course developer is assigned to work with the requestor, following the designated process. This may involve, storyboarding, key questions and ongoing prototyping and discussion between the support person and requestor. This may not be necessary in all cases.
  3. Review: Once the course has been constructed, before going live, the course is reviewed by members of the operational group. Depending on the size and scope of the course, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be carried out to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the learning objectives of the course.
  4. Go Live: After the course has been reviewed and passed the UAT, the course will be made live and supported with clear communications and instructions on how to access the course.
  5. Ongoing Review: Twelve months after a course has gone live, it will be reviewed and may need to be updated, removed or left alone as appropriate, with an intension to be reviewed every 12 months after.
  6. Existing Courses: For existing courses (ie online courses shared by another organisation) being added to healthLearn, the existing course application form be submitted and that steps 1 through to 5 be followed, without the need for the construction phase as outlined in  step 2.

To locate the online request form - If you type the word request into the healthLearn search box - or click HERE


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