Manager - How do I add my manager?

To add your Manager to your healthLearn profile, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to healthLearn (
  2. On the left side there will be a box called 'MY DETAILS'.  Either click on the link that says 'Manager' or 'Click to update' or 'Add new job assignment.  All these links will take you to same update page.
  3. Scroll down and select 'Choose manager' (please check that you select the correct person, as many people share a similar name. If you are unsure check with your line manager what their email address is as an additional way to confirm their identity. If a manager has updated their details in their job assignment - then a description of who they are should be present).
  4. This is also a good time to update your other details.  Important ones are Job Title, Job Title Number (1 or 2), Position and Organisation.
  5. Click ‘Update job assignment

How to add a manager

If you have more than one workplace and/or manager you can add a new job assignment and then continue from step 3 onwards.

Remember: Your healthLearn account belongs to you, if you change organisations or move to a different location, you can create - and delete Job Assignments which will remove the link to that area.

Managers - please be aware if you delete a job assignment - you may delete the link between you and your staff members 

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