Lippincott Procedural Manual


Lippincott procedures

Lippincott America have provided procedures for clinical staff for decades. The South Island Directors of Nursing have approved the use of online Lippincott procedures across the South Island Health System.


  • The procedures contain American terminology which we will come to terms with in time.
  • Some procedures contain references to equipment and medications unavailable in New Zealand; this will be rectified.
  • In the interim continue to use your clinical judgement and current service direction when using the Lippincott procedures.
  • Ensure you read all critical notes at the top of the Lippincott procedure which will direct you accordingly.
  • Remember Lippincott is a ‘living’ document.If you find procedure that could possibly pose a safety issue or are not current best practice,discuss this with your line manager, CNE or CNS in your area, for clarification.

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