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Booking into a face to face session ie. study day


To attend a face to face (in person) session, you will need to book yourself into the day and session of your choice. There are a series of short video below showing how to do this.

Before you book yourself into a session, you need to enrol in the course itself. There may be some pre-course/session activities that you need to complete before being able to book yourself into a session.

If you have problems, please contact one of your educators, or your local SuperUser for assistance.

Booking in to a session


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Go on to a waiting list for a session


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Cancelling your booking


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Do you want to practice?

There is a "play" course that has been set up if you would like to practice booking into courses, cancelling and wait listing. Click HERE to go to that course.

Booking others into a face to face session

  1. Find your preferred session, then click Go to event.

  2. On the top-left side of the screen, click Manage attendees.

  3. Choose Add users from the drop-down Actions menu.

  4. In the search box at the bottom-right side of the screen, type the name (or partial name) of the person you want to enrol, then click Search.

  5. A list of matching staff members will be shown in the right-hand window. Find the one you want to add, then click on their name and press Add.

  6. When you're done enrolling people, click Continue at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Make your choices on the next screen, then press Confirm.

Business Rules

Business rules are the systems and processes that assist in governing how we all utilise the healthLearn system

Click HERE to view the business rules