Super User - Update Staff Details

As an Organisational Super User you will be able to update the details of staff in your organisation/workplace

You will be able to do the following

  1. View a profile
  2. Edit a profile
  3. Update a password

You need to ensure that you have your organisation listed in your own user profile (displayed on the logged in user block) and that your staff member has selected your organisation in their profile as well.

On your dashboard, there will be an icon called "Update Staff Details"

Enter the name of the staff member you need to update (or click search to display all staff names) 

Select the name of the staff member - and click on their name. You will be taken to their profile

Click the "Edit Profile" link

Make the changes that are required - and then click Update at the very bottom of the page

Click on the healthLearn logo at the top of the screen to return to your dashboard

Please note: The healthLearn administrators are able to audit all changes to an account, please ensure you only make changes at the request of the staff member concerned, or to assist a staff member to access their account.

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