Saturday, 16 October 2021, 4:17 PM
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Account - Can I create an account if I do not work in the South Island?


Sorry, No.

healthLearn is funded by the South Island DHB's, and is targeted to South Island healthcare staff. If you would like to explore e-learning in health - your local DHB should have their own e-learning system, so please contact them directly.

Account - Can I use another persons account?


Please note that using allowing another person to utilise your healthLearn account to complete an assessment is a breach of DHB policy, and may result in loss of access to the healthLearn system and/or misconduct or disciplinary proceedings. This action is seen as fraudulently undertaking an assessment or educational activity on behalf of another staff member.  

Volume 5 – Computing & Information Services, Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy
Volume 3 – Human Resources, Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Policy
Nursing Council of New Zealand, Code of Professional Conduct

Adding other evidence to your learning record

To add additional evidence to your healthLearn profile e.g. learning not enrolled via healthLearn:

1. Log in

2. Click on 'Record of Learning'

3. Click on 'OTHER EVIDENCE'

4. Click 'Add evidence'

5. Add details of learning

6. Click 'Add evidence'